Новости мятежной Украины

In Ukraine Starts Genocide Russian and Russian speaking population!

This treatment applies to Ukraine of «real» Ukrainians. ( translation below)

» Appeal to all conscious Ukrainians !

It’s time to act! Without thinking, without wasting time on unnecessary questions! We’ve been preparing for these events ! Now our side not only well -trained and professional soldiers on our side democratic United States, Germany and the glorious NATO — who are ready at any time to support the revolution , NATO ships in the Black Sea already ! Do not be afraid » Katsap » ( Russian contemptuous name ) and » titushek » (as they call those who maintain order and fight against them ) — on our side of the glorious warriors of UPA , on our side Poroshenko and many oligarchs others, who give money for the revolution ! Now, when power is weak and indecisive , we must make brutally strangle any resistance in the bud ! We must not show weakness — no pity for the golden eagle and their families ! In 43-44 years we cleared Ukraine from superfluous elements , only Poles occupiers was killed by Shukhevych — more than 80,000 . Now we need to be as strong ! Cleanse Ukraine of » titushek » Katsap , Berkut and other scum ! Glory to Ukraine ! Glory to the heroes ! Ukraine — Ukrainians ! «

Обращение к фашистамP.S

I copied this appeal from page in Facebook. And this appeal to the Nazis of Ukraine. This class people live in the western sector of Ukraine. Most of this has   work and studies in Europe!

What is happening in Ukraine?

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