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The tragedy of Ukraine

 Arrest of one scientist in Kharkov! 

In the night from 29 to 30 June at his apartment Kharkov after 5-hour search of the SBU was arrested and severely beaten by a famous scientist Alexei Samoilov (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiW9o5WSu3Q). «Submachine rushed to us during the gala dinner on the occasion of the Constitution Day of Ukraine. Many hours search threats were carried out in the presence of our granddaughter — five years Lisa, they even have imposed on her arms. The child trauma, and my husband and his friend Dennis were severely beaten in front of family members. «The result,» many hours of searching the seizure family computer hardware, notebooks and cards. But, obviously, in order to accomplish the task on top, SBU planted ammunition — 2 TNT blocks. When the moment of arrest my husband last week, I turned to the Commissioner, Ambassador of the OSCE mission in Ukraine. But Ukrainian media are silent on this fabricated reality «- said tearfully wife Anna Christianovna arrested. When his wife asked Samoilov going to take her husband, she replied: «In the graveyard.» By the way, the wife of a detainee — a teacher at the European University. More than 20 years she worked as vice-rector on educational work of the International Slavic University. Like her husband, has awards and certificates for their scientific activities, she was awarded the medal «For the development of education.» July 2nd District Court Judge Kiev Natalia Efimenko ruled the election of exceptional preventive measure detained and beaten provost of the International Slavic University — 2 months of detention in jail Poltava.

Associate Professor of International Economic Relations, candidate of geographical sciences SBU suspects in possession of ammunition and collaboration with Anton Gurianov that on April 7, announced the creation of the People’s Republic of Kharkiv.

Hearing a petition for appeal is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00 in the appellate court of the Kharkiv region. Wife arrested scientist lawyers recounted how her husband was detained — the father of three children and searched their apartment. After Kiev district court ruled on the content Alexei Samoilov in jail, Anna is now hoping to public publicity. And the fact that the Court of Appeals of the Kharkiv region in the presence of journalists and international observers will decide, guided by the rule of law. Protection arrested Alexei Samoilov undertook our lawyers of the Bar Association «Tihonenkov, Shadrin Nadolya and associates.» We will seek the release of the scientist. Thanks to our lawyers, managed to release on bail more than 25 people.

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