Новости мятежной Украины

open letter to the governments of the World

I appeal to Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II;

I appeal to the British Prime Minister , Mr David Cameron ;

I appeal to the President of the United States of America Mr. Barack Obama ;

I appeal to the President of Russia , Mr. Vladimir Putin ;

I appeal to the German Chancellor , Ms. Angela Merkel ;

I appeal to the President of Poland , Mr. Bronislaw Komorowski ;

I love you all !

Please help restore peace in the Ukraine !

Please help to stop funding groups of bandits spread hate and grief in Ukraine. They kill soldiers and officers who protect peace in Ukraine! Bandits kill journalists and civilians who do not agree with the policy of Viktor Yanukovych. They kill ordinary people who want to live in a fair and just world !

Ukraine is not all right . In Ukraine, a lot of corruption . We want to see Ukraine in the European family of nations . Way of blood — it’s not our way !

We all remember the horrors of the Second World War !

We all hate and do not understand the ideology of fascism , they are trying to instill in all of us in my beloved Ukraine!

In your hands and on your goodwill depends Peace and tranquility in the heart of Europe. World in Ukraine!

We can be a different color . We may be of different faiths . We can like or dislike each other.

We all live in our common Home . We all live on the same Planet !

We are all one big Family ! We all want peace and tranquility !

In this New World, all issues should be resolved at the negotiating way !

We may like or do not like the president or the government. Presidents are elected by popular election . This is your and our law . It is our choice and we have not another . Better a bad peace than a good war!

We are all of one blood !

I love you all .

Those who started the bloodshed in Ukraine , should be prosecuted . Help stop funding groups of bandits and rioters who want to kill Ukraine.

We all live in a New Era and people should not suffer. People do not have the right to kill each other. Please!

With love to all of you and us

K. Pereguda

Citizen of Ukraine and the World.

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