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the battalion «Donbass» to come

“Participation battalion «Donbass» liberation Mykolayivka, about which so pointedly wrote in his semen Semenchenko that «it speaks for itself» on the battalion?

So I am going there on the left side of the first and second coming APCs after our commander leading towards Nikolayevka and he saw everything to chance it «glorious» release! I wish so Mykolaivka not fired! Guys would-be commanders babbler son life before and inflated scared about the fact that in Mykolayiv peace and our citizens have nothing! What’s some separatists! What we need to spend a rigid sweep and throw grenades into all the dark places, and shoot all suspicious! I have twice approached the company commander and told him that such instructions greenhorn soldiers will lead to chaotic shooting and killing innocent! What should I watch and ponder where to shoot! To this he replied to me that if I want to live, you have to shoot without looking! What time to understand whether there is a child or grandmother — no! And these grandmothers separatystky themselves to blame! And so began a «liberation» of the battalion «Donbass» to come. I walked confident in his department and thought that going ahead, we will not let happen trouble! However paranoia still took its toll. Started shooting where horrible and anything that moves! Slightly shoting not in the back of one of my office. And when I started screaming at this «arrow», I saw it with fear is not with me! From the right came from his grandfather yard without anything in his hands and over his head began to shoot somewhere with five arrow, and another a «threat» was given the order to deploy the gun BTR! Then began already chaos, which lost my voice! Only my department held a gun to fuse and not taken out of grenades. And on the other hand grenades flew in all holes! Even in the barn! Moreover, in a small window and got no pig grenade hit into a pile of manure near him, splashed around it! They shot dog! They shot windows, chimneys, doors, furniture, etc. Following our police department started yelling at us «Fascists!» Does this village have suffered enough without you! Stay! «But where there! These paranoid overtaken our platoon on the left flank and started this» purge «to us on our site! One of the corner so threw a grenade that nearly blew her away! And then tragedy struck. For its yard man in a hundred meters from these would-be fighters! unarmed, In sweat pants and t-shirt! these paranoid shot at him where I rushed through without covering them up to the man, taking our physician. We ran up to him but he has struggled in agony! and here heartrending team «back» forced us to move away., I ran to the company and has made a fierce cry of him that my department returned to the wounded man to help him. but when we ran, he was dead. and then began the retreat for the parent commanders, seeing such a work battalion «Donbass», gave the order to retreat!

Nikolayevka in releasing next day the battalion did not participate! murderer of the man is hiding and not recognized for the retreat I yelled at entire battalion will find it and draw head But the company commander covering your ass is that supposedly this man shot us and his body has been there stinks!

You ask how much and shoot grenades flew in our direction from the separatists? No one and no one! They are not there yet! So that’s a «glorious liberation» Nikolayevka done battalion «Donbass» fault chatted commanders and fighters paranoid!

While there are many wonderful people who are now full of indignation! Promote this post!

Because it should be answered by this nothingness! I am staying here and will do everything possible to guide a company to battle with the bandits, not paranoia!!”

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