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Appeal to the President of Ukraine.



Viktor Yanukovych . Not really , you can forget the people who protect you at the cost of his own life ? And go easy on the negotiations with those who are involved in their death , and they hired killer , feeling the taste of blood and impunity continue to kill and plunder . Tell me who convinced you to give stupid orders to stop at the doorstep of » Maidan «? Yanukovych ! Change Advisors , they profane or well-designed traitors — start now after washing » maydanutyh » by its overflying their blood policemen and innocent people who were simply in the way . Who will spin supposedly universal support » Evromaydana » residents of Kyiv and all Ukraine. Will show how the alleged Kiyani carry food and donate blood , supposedly «patriot» their home , who do not agree with the authorities — that is with you , and are willing to defend their rights , at the cost of their health and even their lives. That’s what tomorrow will spin in front of foreigners who ponaedut everywhere stare and subsequently studied the situation in Ukraine will report to the European Union and the United States . A picture of such wakes : Huge queues in hospitals from wanting to share their own blood with the victims to » peaceful protest » this and allegedly severely iskolochennye people in bunks and standing in the narrow corridors of hospitals, with appropriate comments corrupt reporters , this tearful eyewitness miraculously survived the massacre authorities. Another list or have guessed what list they prepared ? Here I am still wondering what is there for an interesting hospital opened in Kiev City Hall ? And if there are not cooked above scenery for foreigners? After all, for some reason there is not even allowed their corrupt reporters — so there is something to hide , for the time being , because not everyone will glance under a bandage . Well, we’ll soon see , you and Viktor Yanukovych , will stay again in the cold, and all because of you, deceive and manipulate you , or fools goner , designed or traitors who conversely know what they are doing . West will not leave you alone until you take away from the helm , and will seat at your place their puppets do not doubt , it was too much money spent on it that you would let go , and that’s why they need to bring back the constitution of 2004. Have you had a chance to wiggle because of pogroms and murders of policemen , but you missed it again , gave his stupid orders , further » maidan » siloviki not go . I watched the speech Yatsenuk to » Independence » and Pat his interview — and I noticed that Yatsenyuk scarecrow to death. At first I saw Yatsenuk not brazen daredevil , they say I do not care at all , and really frightened man who does not want to sit in jail for the attempted coup with numerous victims . But the train is gone , beat you again , but the truth is you can always try to change everything in their favor and what you wish

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