Новости мятежной Украины

‪#‎Save Donbass People From Ukranian Army‬‬

Dear Sirs,

I am sending this in view of the tragic events in Ukraine and your wrongful silence.

In February, 2014 armed overthrow of the Ukrainian Government took place in Kiev with the covert support of the USA and several EU members. The Junta of the impostors came into power on the shoulders of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis called Banderites (Banderovtsy). It was quite easy to envisage the forthcoming events.

Not a single crime committed by the Junta has been investigated yet. No one was found responsible or prosecuted. Moreover, the Junta, which is openly encouraged by the governments of some Western countries, initiated fratricidal civil war inside its own country. Every day the conflict in the South-East of Ukrainian is escalating. Ukrainian military forces are applying heavy armaments widely, including armored vehicles, artillery and aviation.

The victims among civilians in Donbass number in the hundreds! Unarmed people are killed! Children are killed!

One of the latest Junta’s crimes is a missile strike on the center of Lugansk, made by Ukrainian military aircraft on June 2, 2014. The video from Lugansk is attached here as a clear evidence of the crime.

I express my extreme outrage by the outright hypocrisy demonstrated by U.S. President Barack Obama, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, President of the French Republic François Hollande and Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron, whose rhetoric is ubiquitously advocating democratic values and peace, but in practice they encourage the murderers who sit in Kiev!

I am extremely outraged by the weak and conformist stand taken by UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon! Each meeting of the UN Security Council demonstrates the bigotry of the Western countries and their flouting of the international law!

The mendacious attitude of Western media, which distorts or blocks the information on what is really going on in Ukraine, is absolutely disgusting!

All persons, including state and political personalities, as well as media representatives, who directly or indirectly support the civil war in Ukraine, should be considered Nazi collaborators! None of them will be able to clear human blood from his hands!

I demand that the war is stopped immediately!

I demand that Ukrainian troops are pulled back immediately from Donbass!

I demand an open international investigation of all military crimes committed by Kiev Junta!

I demand fair trial for all Nazi criminals!

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